Brat-Pop duo ZELA, siblings from the North-East of England, have created a dark and imaginative brand of attitude-laced alt-electronic pop. Think Charli XCX meets Wolf Alice, with a hint of Doja Cat and Yungblud. Dirty, pulsing basslines meet distortion-soaked synths and driving, electronic drum beats, and the pair have become known for their signature use of sampling front-woman Liv Griff's vocal and using it as an instrument in itself.

After launching in 2020, three weeks before pandemic-induced lockdown took hold of the country, ZELA delivered a string of singles at a relentless pace, each exploring complex topics and their own brand of dark, imaginative pop. The next eighteen months saw the duo receive massive support from BBC Introducing, numerous official Spotify playlistings, their first plays on BBC Radio 1, and the start of a loyal, dedicated following.

The pair spent the latter half of 2021 focusing on their live show, having been denied the chance to play live during their first year as an act. When they were finally able to show people what they were about live, the reaction was explosive and immediate. Having a heavily electronic sound on record, and bringing in two extra touring members for their live show, the duo found that their music took on another life when performed with a full band, bringing a new energy that was exactly what their live set was always meant to be; exhilarant, bratty, unapologetic. ZELA aren’t to be missed live in 2022.